What is this blog About?

Five Cultures Later

  • We were ready to return to California from the Czech Republic, the fifth culture I lived in. My wife went back in March 2009 to look for a house. She got quite an education! “Short sale” was a new term for us. We had to re-learn what the American culture is like. President Clinton’s: “…it’s the economy, stupid”, led me to the research that resulted in Five Cultures Later, writing about the American national debt and comparing it to other cultures.
  • Returning to the USA was a challenge and required “re-entry” into a culture I had lived in for 34 years but changed in the next 7 years I was overseas. My Czech co-worker asked why I would return to a country in such a deep recession. Being closer to grandkids won out. To get familiar with the local way of life again, I joined Rotary and am trying to figure it out.  One stable factor was returning to Calvary Baptist Church and drill deeper into what the Christian life is all about in a changed environment.
  • Having lived in five cultures for at least five years in each, I am enjoying life too much now by being able to bike with a great group, put together video clips instead of my pictures just getting saved, seen once or twice and forgotten, and am learning to blog (www.fivecultureslater.org) after 25 years in the tomato processing industry and 16 years on the mission field with a great soccer organization.

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